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Viral Power

NOTHING propels your business forward faster, cheaper and easier than Viral Power!

This is how FaceBook, Twitter, the iPhone, smart phone apps and others have become runaway successes.


Viral Power (Viralization, Viral Marketing) is the inherent ability of a product or service to be spread by its very users/customers to other new prospects.

The original and best form of viral marketing is the “word of mouth” – when elated customers rave about their experience (with your product) without any incentive and spread the ‘enthusiasm virus’ to others who repeat the same.

Today that word of mouth can go even further, faster and stronger. That’s because with the social media and all the other communication means at our disposal, your clients no longer need to be physically next to their friends to spread “your virus”. There has never been a better time to activate your Viral Power.


Viral Power is often free, spreads like a virus, is highly contageous like a virus, boosts your sales/income exponentially beyond anything you can do by yourself. But interestingly your Viral Power totally works alongside any other marketing efforts you’re making and is never in conflict with your other efforts.

So why not unleash your Viral Power prebuilt into Instant Host!


Viral marketing of a good idea/product/service spreads naturally and accidentally just like a biological virus. This is simply not true.

The misconception comes from confusing the ‘conecept’ with the ‘method’! You see even in the case of a biological virus, as well as a marketing virus, the concept is the random natural unaided (or slightly aided/promoted) spread.

However, when it comes to the ‘method’, there is nothing random nor unaided about it. Even viruses, as well as marketing ones, have sophisticated, powerful and highly effective methods of spreading. In the case of biologicals one, this method or ability has evolved over time to perfectly adapt the environment so it can replictae and thrive.

It the case of, viral marketing, the product maker must build such a sophisticated, powerful and highly effective ability or method right into the product or product marketing!

But “you” don’t have to do this. Because your instant host site comes ready-to-roll, with several built in Viral Power. Enter …

Viral Power Built Into Instant Host

You see, multiple viral elements have been built into every site and tested. You can use them “as is” or you can point them to new products and services that you wish to promote.

No other hosting site in the world can boast such viral elements as our Viral Power (unless licensed from our company). What you have, built right into your site, no installation needed, is the result of no less than 10 man-years of research and development on viral marketing tools and techniques.

The concept is right there and so is the method: the sopohisticated, powerful and highly effective ability, uniquely invented, designed, developed, tried and tested … ready and waiting for you.

Every single day you are without this Viral Power is a day of lost income!

Get Viral Power, Get Instant Host Now.

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